Potential ROI of between 6 &

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How Solar Works

Solar King photovoltaic panels convert natural daylight into electricity. When light hits the photovoltaic cell it creates an electric field causing electricity to flow.

This flow of electricity is fed through an inverter which converts this electricity flow into usable household electricity which you use in exactly the same way as the electricity you purchase from a supplier.

Feed-in Tariff

Once we have installed your solar PV system, we will provide you with an FIT eligibility certificate which entitles you to start earning money from the electricity you do not use from the governments Feed-in Tariff:

  • Government backed scheme – Energy suppliers buy energy you produce
  • Inflation linked payments guaranteed for 20 years
  • Earn up to 15.4 pence for every unit of electricity produced
  • Use your own electricity and lower your energy bills
  • Potential return on investment of between 6 & 12%

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